The summer of 2018 in short(s)

Pun intended. I wear shorts pretty much all year around at home. My body acts like a furnace all year around, so I don’t require that much clothing.

As I had some technical issues with the site while migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, implementing the required SSL certificate, I never got around to complete the work and keep on sharing photographs from adventures and life in general. But with some help from a former colleague and code expert (Ann) the site is now fully functioning and I can upload and share images again. Hooray!

A short summary of our summer of 2018 with the X-Pro 2 and Ricoh GR II. At home, away and on vacation:

We travelled to Dalarna, Sweden and visited friends. Explored Sörmland and rented a house with my parents in Denmark. 10 our 10. I would go on vacation again.


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