Purchase and develop film in Stockholm

Do you need to purchase a few film rolls or maybe develop them in Stockholm? No worries. I’ve got you covered. If you’re visiting, just moved here or passing through – let’s get your film related needs sorted.

Where I develop my film rolls in Stockholm?

At Teamframkallning, Maria Prästgårdsgata 12 (Mariatorget), I go to see Veikko and drop/pick up my film rolls. Veikko always have a few packages of film in the fridge, in case you’re out of it.

Teamframkallning can also get your film development needs sorted via mail. But it’s more fun to drop by and have a quick word with Veikko.

You can also get your negatives scanned here. Quick and shareable or the real deal. It is entirely up to you.

Process your film rolls at…

Crimson is another option for your film development needs in Stockholm. I mainly use Crimson when I need to do a batch print, as they are pretty damn good at it and not that expensive.

Fotokungen (Medborgarplatsen) is a place I’ve heard about, but never tried myself. The same goes with Odenlab. Never tried, but heard people talk about.

In case you need to do some serious printing work, you can go visit Scandinavian Photo (Vasagatan, near the Central Station) and talk to the staff.

Develop/process your film at home

If you plan to take a lot of photos and eat up a lot of rolls, maybe you should consider processing and developing your film rolls at home. This is a good introduction to read through, but I’ve never tried developing color film at home; only black and white. Even though I have the whole kit to develop film at home, I still prefere to head on over to Team Framkallning at get my film sorted and developed.

Developing your film somewhere else?

Do you live in Stockholm and go somewhere else to develop or purchase your film? Let me know, and I will include it on this list.


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