The old bad ass Leica

I’m still making out with the old Leica Digilux 2, especially when I’m wandering around the streets or have no plan to snap a single shot. Its old. Its gorgeous. Its the camera I bring when I’m not taking my Fuji with the Fujinon 27mm. Its bad ass.

Cameras should be light weight in my opinion. Something you can carry without thinking and sighing loudly because of the hassle (I’m looking at You, Hassey 500). This is one of the reasons I fell for Fujifilms digital cameras.

Leica digilux 2 at Odengatan - Per Pettersson

Leica Digilux 2 @ Odengatan, Stockholm

But the Digilux is light weight too.

Yes it is old. Yes it performs poorly in low light situations. Yes the battery life lasts as short as a piece of brie put in front of me.

But it kind of emulates film. The process of using it, emulates film. I have to stop, think and stand still. And its gorgeous to look at. It feels great in your hands. And this makes up for the flaws. Because it is old.

But it is bad ass too.


2 responses to “The old bad ass Leica”

  1. Carlos Avatar

    Definitely a great camera! I still love mine. The BW output that comes out the camera is beautiful

    1. Per Pettersson Avatar
      Per Pettersson

      These days people tend to talk a lot about megapixels. This little thing comes with 5. And still you get crisp shots when you print them in A3+. It sure is a great camera.

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