The end of yet another summer

January 2020 and the summer of 2019 seems quite long ago and for some reason I never got around to wrap up the summer with a few shots from it. It might have something to do with the increased number of film rolls spent and little time removing dust from the scans, but here let’s give it a go anyway.

We’re still very much in love with Stockholm as our home. This summer we tried to explore areas of the city that we’re not that familiar with, like Södermalm and the archipelago. Of course we’ve spend countless days on Södermalm before, but not strolling down streets with the sole purpose to see what we can find at the end of it.

Old Town needs to be explored further, next year. I think we’ve missed a few bends and streets.

We travelled a bit by boat this summer, with Strömma kanalbolag. We got treated with free rides after a project with Strömma and tried to explore the archipelago as much as we could.

Having lunch in the sun in Norrtälje is something that we can strongly recommend during the summer. Even though the public bus ride is a bit of a hassle; Norrtälje is a charming little place during the summer.

Camilla got bored with our furniture on the balcony, so we started to give it a splash of color. And listened a lot to records. The summer of 2019 will for ever be remembered to the tunes of Bleachers, Laleh, Radical Face and Balthazar.


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