Stockholm isn’t that great for nature photography

Sunday. The sun is up, the wind is messing with everybody and it is pretty cold here in Stockholm. We’ve packed a bag and took a stroll to Kräftriket here in the nations capitol just to realize what I’ve had in the back of my head for the last weeks – Stockholm isn’t that great for photographers. We’ve got plenty of parks and forrest close by, but at the same time it have been killed by humans. Drama queen, I know, but hear me out.


The one thing I’m looking for when I’m out in the nature, is framed objects and grand views. When it comes to walking around the green areas of Stockholm you’ll find tons of framed objects, but that would be soda cans and house after house after house. Sigh.

And if you’re looking for a grand view, we’ve killed it with our buildings. If there isn’t a house, there will be a canoe club, student apartments or a sailing club.


I just realized what I’ve been thinking about the last couple of weeks. I need to leave Stockholm for Småland or Norrland. I need untouched nature and grand views where no one have built a house.


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  1. Clive Tomblin Avatar
    Clive Tomblin

    “Stockholm isn’t that great for photographers.”
    Stockholm may not be great if you’re around Sergels Torg perhaps, but there are plenty of other scenic places. Sodermalm is fantastic, I think. The first time I wandered around old Sodermalm (Brannkyrkagatan area) I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.
    I also like the big apartment blocks in Kungsholm and Ostermalm. Solid and heavy, built to withstand Swedish winters.
    Outside of Stockholm I like the birch forests, as seen from a train. Their red painted farm buildings add to the charm.

    1. Per Pettersson Avatar
      Per Pettersson

      If you’d like to capture nature, you need to leave Stockholm. But if you want architecture or street – you’re in luck. The bigger green areas are almost always crowded, so even nature goes street photography. Sort of. ;)

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