Make yourself a custom Sandqvist camera bag

Maybe you just didn’t think about it, but you have the option to make your custom Sandqvist camera bag. Well, pretty much any bag can be turned into your custom camera bag with a camera insert bag.

I am quite picky when it comes to bags. I want them to look and feel a certain way as well as be multifunctional. A dedicated camera bag is not my thing as I want to use it for cameras one day, work the next and then a sweater and a good book on the third day.

Also, the bags from Sandqvist are always looking sharp and made with quality. I’ve got two Sandqvist bags (and bought a third one for my wife).

Camera insert bag + Sandqvist = a good looking camera bag from Sandqvist

Head on over to Amazon (or whatever) and find yourself the perfect camera insert bag. And then go shop the bag you want to use with your camera gear. It could not be easier to get the look, feel and functionality you want – just put your insert bag into it and hit the streets carrying your gear with style.

Is this a silly post? I am not sure it is.

During the summer I talked to a local photographer complaining that she could not find a camera bag she liked. So many of them look like camera bags and not just… Well, bags.

When I showed her my Sandqvist solution (let’s make it sound more technical and difficult than it is) she first did the facepalm move and then thanked me. So why not spread it?




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