In the distance we heard hoves

Another Saturday in February and we grabbed our clothes for a walk and hopes to see something new in our neighborhood.

My parents came over so we could celebrate mums birthday and enjoy dinner together. But first, we all grabbed our gear (dad and I, cameras – mum and Camilla, gloves) to head out for a walk in Bromma and Åkeshov.

At the local stable, just a few minutes walk from us, we got to interact with a few horses. Majestic creatures.

And then all of the sudden, in the distance, we heard hoves. 

Someone forgot to close the stable and six horses went out exploring on their own.

At first we got a bit scared as there was kids around and all of the horses tried to find their top running speed. But luckily no one got hurt and the horses disappeared around the corner.  Followed by a handful of girls with helmets on and eyes filled with panic.

I guess someone got yelled at today.


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