I will retire as a Dane

Summer days are made to be spent in Denmark. Since I grew up, we’ve spent many years in Denmark during the summer. We started camping when I was a toddler (the early 80’s) and then found a new passion of renting houses as close to the ocean as we could (the late 80’s). And we’ve been holding tight on our tradition.

As a married man (nothing changes, except I get to call the perfect woman “wife” and wear a ring on my finger) we’re keen to keep the tradition alive.

I have a vision that we have kids (a kid, two kids, fifteen kids – I don’t know yet) and plan our summers to be spent partially in Denmark for years to come. To keep the tradition alive and finally, in a few years from now, get my wife to agree to my retirement plan. Since I was a teenager I’ve always said that I will retire and turn into a Dane. Get a small house where you can open the window and hear the ocean. Smell the sea salt. Walk to the harbour and buy fish.

But until I retire, I will keep travelling to Denmark and bide my time. Convince my wife that we have a good plan and that turning into a Dane is the right move.

Kronborg, Helsingør

Kronborg, Helsingør, Denmark 2018. Fujifilm X-Pro 2, Fujinon 35mm f2, edited with presets from Rebecca Patience.


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