Eskilstuna hiding in fog

I’ve been better at bringing my cameras with me on daily adventures. I’m a bit lazy, because I’m mainly carrying the small Fujifilm cameras.

Last Saturday I woke up and saw fog outside our bedroom windows. Oh the joy! I love fog. Any kind of fog. While you’re walking around in the woods or in a city center.

So I grabbed my Fujifilm X-E2 with the 27mm 2.8 and headed out.

Eskilstuna, Nyfors, hiding in fog
Eskilstuna train station

Eskilstuna train station looks marvelous in fog.

Underground bike club

The underground bike club.

I wish I could wake up to fog at least once a month. Most of the days I meet fog is while I’m stuck on the train to Stockholm and work. No fun at all.


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