At home with my Leica

Today I’m working from home. I’m reviewing code and structure for an ecommerce website and decided that it probably would be better not to spend the day at the agency with all my colleagues. Getting down and dirty with a website and its code comes with a big portion of concentration.

All of a sudden I realize that I’m very poor at documenting how we live. So I grab that old digital Leica in the shelf and start wandering around the apartment.


I have zero experience of interior photography, so this was a though nut to crack. But it also made me think about my comfort zone when it comes to photography. I like to shoot people, not in a studio and people that I already have met and know. Which brings me to the conclusion that I need to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Like I do, from time to time, with street photography. I’m still at a safe distance to people, but I’m getting closer and closer.


Time to leave the comfort zone and try documenting our apartment. What is a good angle? What is considered a good interior shot? Time to go to practice.

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