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At home with my Leica

Today I’m working from home. I’m reviewing code and structure for an ecommerce website and decided that it probably would be better not to spend the day at…

Eskilstuna, Nyfors, hiding in fog

Eskilstuna hiding in fog

I’ve been better at bringing my cameras with me on daily adventures. I’m a bit lazy, because I’m mainly carrying the small Fujifilm cameras. Last Saturday I woke up and…

Let’s call this home

Summer is over and we’ve moved from Stockholm to Eskilstuna. Hold back the drama, I’m still working in Stockholm and it takes about one hour with the train….

Into the woods of Eskilstuna

Affinity Three

Into the woods of Eskilstuna. Me and my dad took a little stroll into the woods, each of us with a camera. I’m still waiting for the first real snow…

Eskilstuna - Fujifilm X-E2 - Per Pettersson

A couple of days in Eskilstuna

Spent a couple of days in Eskilstuna – the city where I grew up in the 80’s. Visiting friends, experiencing the hottest day this summer, played golf, ate…

Bakfickan, Eskilstuna

It’s a slow service

Had lunch at Bakfickan in Eskilstuna with my parents. Decent food and a good view but a slow service. Sadly.