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Bikes, runners, cars, scooters

Between the hours of doing nothing on the beach and eating way too much at the restaurant during our honeymoon, I walked a few streets away from our…

Honeymoon in Greece

We got married on the 14th of October 2017. What a day. From the ceremony at Stockholms Stadshus to the dinner and party at our favourite restaurant Makai….

Streets from the hip, on the move – a bad choice

Brighton, UK. I flew over for two days with colleagues to attend a conference about digital marketing and decided to bring the Ricoh GR II. I tried some…

Farmers market in Åkeshov

Farmers market in Åkeshov and I managed to get my hands on some local honey before it was all sold out. Ricoh GR II.

Lunch at Daisy’s

On our Sunday walk, we encountered rain. Luckily, we had just a few meters to Daisy’s. So we decided to stay dry and get fed, as well. Burgers!…

Chasing lines, people and shadows

During my Friday lunch break I started chasing lines, people and shadows outside my office in the middle of Stockholm. I’ve had a few runs with the Ricoh…

First impressions with a tiny camera

After reading way too many posts and watching way too many videos on YouTube, it was time to go get myself the Ricoh GR II. I fell for…

First attempt of developing film

This is the results from my first attempt of developing film (ILFORD HP5+) at home, followed by scanning them (EPSON V800 Photo) and sharing them with – you….

Hitting the streets of Stockholm

Switch lens from my favorite Fujinon 35mm f/2 on the X-Pro 2 body to the Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2 with the Leica M adapter and hit the…

The first building you meet

Gotland. The first building you see when you leave the ferries by car. Of course, you have to pull over and snap a few quick ones. Because, buildings….