You found this website and thought “That photo looks crappy, but the second one looks kinda nice. Who is this guy?” followed by clicking on my name in the menu. Or not, I’m just thinking out loud and could see this scenario in front of me.

I’m an amateur photographer named Per Pettersson, born and raised in Eskilstuna who calls Stockholm home.

I shoot film.

Zanna: Olympus OM10/50mm

Many times with my Hasselblad 500cm.

Camilla, December 2014 - Hasselblad 500 C

But I carry other film cameras too.

0350 (32)

And my favorite digital cameras come from Fujifilm. Right now I’m making some sweet love to the X-Pro 2.


You can find me on Twitter as @fujifilmshooter or over at Tumblr sharing some short stories from time to time.

I spend my daytime as a consultant in digital marketing. I work with SEO (that’s search engine optimization – how to make websites drive more visits) and analytics on the side.

I probably drink way too much coffee, eat too much cheese and buy too much red wine. But then again, you’re supposed to be living life – not holding back on the things that make you happy.

Have a look around. Maybe you’ll find a photo you like. Maybe you want me to print it. Maybe not. Who knows. As long as we both have a good time, it is all good.